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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nextdoor Online for B-BAR-H Ranch

The B-BAR-H Ranch an unincorporated area located in Southern California's Riverside County has it's own private social network thanks to B-BAR-H Ranch Resident Mark Todd.  A few months ago, Mark set up a Nextdoor online neighborhood network for the Ranch.  

Nextdoor is similar to the works of Facebook, only Nextdoor is designed for specific neighborhood boundaries (see map below).  Members of the B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor tested its viability quickly and learned Nextdoor is an ideal resource and opportunity for the B-BAR-H Ranch to communicate without boundaries.  

Neighbors of the B-BAR-H Ranch post items of interest for the neighborhood and members of the B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor make comments.  It's a great way to stay in touch with what's happening within the community.  

Word spread quickly about the advantages of becoming a B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor participant, and neighbors joined.  As of today, membership includes 64 residents, and the B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor is growing strong.  

Boundaries for the B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor are shown below:

 B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor Boundaries Map
 (Click image to enlarge)

If you live within the boundaries of the map shown above and would like to become a member of the B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor, please follow the link B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor and become a member.  Not only will you be able to post and communicate with your neighbors, you'll also have available a host of other very valuable information:
The B-BAR-H Ranch has made many achievements over the past years for the common good of its community.  We owe our accomplishments on our ability to remain in communication with one another and offer assistance and support to our neighbors when needed.  

Join the  B-BAR-H Ranch Nextdoor today by clicking the links in this post, and keep in touch with your neighborhood! 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post thanks

March 27, 2013 at 9:56 AM  

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